Announcing SSX: Self-Sovereign Anything

We’re happy to announce the release of SSX: Self-Sovereign Anything - the easiest way to get started with decentralized identity and install Sign-In with Ethereum

Announcing SSX: Self-Sovereign Anything

Spruce’s mission is to build a future where users control their identity across all their digital interactions. Instead of having users log into platforms, we think platforms should log into users’ data vaults with users in full control.

In pursuing this, we’re happy to announce the release of our new product, SSX: Self-Sovereign Anything.

Self-Sovereign Anything

With a few lines of code, developers can use SSX to integrate Sign-In with Ethereum, enable DAO logins, build a direct relationship with their users, and access the entire universe of decentralized identity patterns. This all starts with basic authentication and grows into data-enriched sessions, performant bring-your-own databases, and user-originated content. SSX jumpstarts development, allowing you to quickly and securely upgrade your applications with decentralized identity for anyone with an EVM-compatible wallet.

Identity is far too important to develop behind closed doors, thus we are strong believers in free and open-source software, and SSX is dual-licensed under MIT and Apache 2.0. We take security seriously as well, so we are proud to share that SSX has already completed a security audit, with full details soon to follow.

The Easiest Way to Install Sign-In with Ethereum

Sign-In with Ethereum (SIWE, pronounced “see-we”) has become the dominant standard for wallet-based login in web3. It empowers any user to begin the journey to control their own identity and enter a world that doesn’t rely on being locked to centralized identity providers.

As Spruce, we’ve authored the Sign-In with Ethereum standard, released multiple reference libraries as public goods, and implemented integrations possible through our efforts in collaboration with the community.

Our support of Sign-In with Ethereum only grows larger with SSX.

One of the largest points of feedback that we heard from developers was that they wanted even easier ways to integrate beyond just the core reference libraries – and we listened.

SSX makes Sign-In with Ethereum even easier to implement in your application on both your frontend and backend. Out of the box, SSX already has support for many types of servers and backend configurations, with more to come. We’ve shipped it with examples for developers to get started and a quickstart tutorial that walks you through building a decentralized identity-enabled dapp using SSX.

The fastest way to get started with SSX is here:

SSX Quickstart - SSX
This guide will help you bootstrap an SSX application, or help add SSX to your existing setup

DAO Login: Powered By Gnosis Safe

When DAOs or multisig-enabled organizations need to log into apps or services, it’s typically an individual representative taking action on behalf of that DAO. Until now, there was no frictionless way to do this, and multiple transactions and signers are necessary across the many steps in the process.

With SSX and Safe, there’s now a standard way for representatives to log in on behalf of DAOs, and for DAOs to then update those representatives through their own governance systems.

You can enable DAO login for your dapp by toggling a single config flag in SSX. Once enabled, users of your dapp who are DAO delegates can now either log in as themselves or on behalf of the DAO or multisig they represent. DAOs or multisigs can easily add or remove delegates in the Safe Delegate Registry Manager application.

We are currently collaborating with the Safe team on further scoping access for delegates (e.g. a social media manager can only access social media dapps). This feature also extends beyond DAOs, empowering users who manage their own multisigs to prove asset ownership for dapps or delegate certain privileges to another account.

DAO Login Workflow - SSX
DAO Logins enabled by SSX

The SSX Dashboard: The Ultimate Dapp Companion

Developers asked us for a way to visualize their relationships with their users to get a better sense of their dapp’s metrics and success.

Towards this, we’ve created an optional dashboard that can be used in conjunction with SSX installations. This feature uses no third-party cookies, and simply provides dapps with ways of visualizing existing information that is already known by the service when users Sign-In with Ethereum. Today, this includes login events and on-chain information that is already public.

Creating a project with the SSX dashboard

We are committed to keeping SSX an open-source library not requiring any third-party service, so as the features evolve, we want to ensure that we are using open protocols for logging and other interconnectivity, and this will actively inform the product roadmap.

The Future of SSX

The following features are already on the way for the next versions of SSX:

  • Credential issuance and presentation workflows via user-controlled storage
  • Optimizations for different web3 wallet providers
  • SSX signing for token-gated access
  • Multichain login support
  • Additional SSX Dashboard insights

If there’s a decentralized identity feature you’d like to see SSX support, check and use our feedback forum.

Alternatively, we also welcome all open-source contributions to SSX from developers.

Spruce is building a future where users control their identity and data across all digital interactions. If you're curious about integrating Spruce's technology into your project, come chat with us in our Discord.