with Ethereum Digest - April

Sign-In with Ethereum offers a new self-custodial option for users who wish to assume more control and responsibility over their own digital identity.

with Ethereum Digest - April

When signing in to popular services today, users will typically use identity providers (IdPs) that are centralized entities with ultimate control over users' identifiers--or "Big Login." Sign-In with Ethereum offers a new self-custodial option for users who wish to assume more control and responsibility over their own digital identity.

Here are the latest updates from our work on Sign-In with Ethereum:

Recently Completed and Announced

  • All SIWE Core Packages (TypeScript, Rust, Go, Elixir, Ruby, and Python) have been streamlined to support unified handling of SIWE message creation, parsing, and verification. We will have a new major release of SIWE Core Packages in the next week where those changes will be available. We've also added additional test vectors.
  • We've added tests for EIP-1271 in order to have test vectors for Argent and Loopring Smart Contract Wallets:
Add tests for EIP-1271 by w4ll3 · Pull Request #69 · spruceid/siwe
Add tests vectors for Argent and Loopring Smart Contract Wallets . Do not merge before #67 .
  • We've added the option to configure your own JSON RPC provider for the SIWE Discourse plugin as an alternative to being locked into Infura:
Add JSON RPC config Option by theosirian · Pull Request #14 · spruceid/discourse-siwe-auth
Adds a JSON RPC option to WalletConnect as discussed in #13.
  • We've released a demo that shows the functionality around our Auth0 integration. It demonstrates an example app where a user connects via the Auth0 Sign-In with Ethereum workflow, and is able to view a gallery of the NFTs they own via the OpenSea API. The demo can be found here.
with Ethereum to Your Auth0-Powered Application
In our pursuit of best serving web2 and web3 organizations, we’ve partnered with Auth0 to offer a Sign-In with Ethereum option in their marketplace.
  • We're continuing to work with wallets on the UX and UI around Sign-In with Ethereum flows. The details on a number of these collaborations will be made public shortly.

Exploration Phase

  • As mentioned in our previous update, we are exploring creating templates for commonly used development frameworks such as React and Vue. We wish to make it easy for any developer using these frameworks to have a quick way to get started using Sign-In with Ethereum for their next application.
  • We are planning to release our passport.js authentication strategy for Sign-In with Ethereum and have it documented this coming month. Passport is authentication middleware used by thousands of applications.
  • We'll be continuing our work with additional wallets that may require custom UX and UI flows. More information on this work will be released soon.

Community Snapshots

And finally - if you see any implementations of Sign-In with Ethereum that don't follow EIP-4361, let that team know there's a standard for it!

If you're interested in integrating Sign-In with Ethereum into your dapp, app, or service, we are more than happy to help and provide any support we can. As we continue our work supporting Sign-In with Ethereum, we especially welcome implementers who already have users relying on similar workflows, authors of related EIPs, and wallet vendors who would like to do more to support user-owned identities to join us.

If you are interested in being involved, please join our Discord server: