Spruce Developer Update #17

At Spruce, we’re letting users control their identity and data across the web. Here’s the latest from our development efforts!

Spruce Developer Update #17

At Spruce, we’re letting users control their identity and data across the web. Here’s the latest from our development efforts:

with Ethereum

Sign-In with Ethereum is a new form of authentication that enables users to control their digital identity with their Ethereum account and ENS profile instead of relying on a traditional intermediary. We recently posted a SIWE-specific February recap that can be found here:

with Ethereum - February Updates
Sign-In with Ethereum offers a new self-custodial option for users who wish to assume more control and responsibility over their own digital identity.

Additionally, Sign-In with Ethereum can now be used on Auth0, which leverages our OIDC Identity Provider Server:

with Ethereum Integration with Auth0
Sign-in with Ethereum - Enables users to sign-in with their Ethereum wallet

More additional content and details on this integration will be released soon.


Kepler is a decentralized storage network organized around data overlays called Orbits. Kepler allows users to Securely share their digital credentials, private files, and sensitive media to blockchain accounts, all using a Web3 wallet.

  • We've begun work on cryptoscript: A DSL (domain-specific language) for managing complex signatures and permissions in Kepler (cryptoscript #2)
  • The cutover for Kepler from ipfs-embed to rust-ipfs is complete.
  • Patches to our kepler-staging branch of rust-ipfs are complete. We will continue to raise PRs for these changes upstream.
  • We're currently in the process of leveraging DIDKit and our existing experience with DIDs to design Kepler's Orbit Manifests, responsible for safely managing permissions and Orbits.


SpruceID is a decentralized identity toolkit that provides everything you need for signing, sharing, and verifying trusted information.


  • We published didkit v0.4.0, didkit-cli v0.2.0, didkit-http v0.2.0 (didkit #269).
  • We published did-ion v0.1.0 and updates to other DID method crates (ssi #403).
  • We published ssi v0.4.0 (ssi #401), and ssi-contexts v0.1.3 (ssi #400).
  • Added key generation subcommands (didkit #259).
  • Updated our Rust documentation (ssi #311).
  • The Aleo linked data signature suite has been enabled.
  • The DIF Sidetree and did:ion client implementation have been enabled.
  • DID create, update, recover, and deactivate commands have been enabled and DID transaction functionality has been added (didkit #255).
  • EIP-712 generation for EthereumEIP712Signature2021 has been implemented (ssi #301).
  • The did:webkey:gpg resolver has been implemented.
  • We fixed the default crate compilation (ssi #402).
  • We've added additional security improvements in key generation (ssi #391).

Spruce lets users control their data across the web. If you're curious about integrating Spruce's technology into your project, come chat with us in our Discord: