California DMV Open Source Mobile Wallet Awarded Gartner 2023 Eye on Innovation

Third-Party Neutral Mobile Wallet Built by SpruceID, Experts in Mobile Driver’s License and Digital Identity Authentication.

California DMV Open Source Mobile Wallet Awarded Gartner 2023 Eye on Innovation

Sacramento – The State of California Department of Motor Vehicles Open Source Mobile Wallet for Decentralized Digital Credentials has been awarded by Gartner for the Eye on Innovation Awards in Government in the category of provisional, state, or regional for 2023. Gartner is an American technological research and consulting firm that conducts research on technology.

Wayne Chang, Co-Founder and CEO of SpruceID, said: “We are thrilled that California’s mDL pilot was recognized by the reputable Gartner, Inc. for the 2023 Innovation Award. Working closely with the state DMV, we brought Californians a reliable digital credential that is privacy-first and open source to maintain the utmost reliability and interoperability. California is leading the way in delivering high-quality digital services to its constituents; we commend the state for taking this approach, and we appreciate their partnership.”  

Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), said: “I am thrilled to see the California DMV’s mDL pilot receive Gartner’s award for public sector innovation. Since fighting for digital driver’s licenses back in 2021 with AB 1503, I have been proud to see the program come to life so that any Californian can store their driver’s license on their phone. Congratulations to the DMV and their technology partner SpruceID.”

SpruceID has been working with the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to bring mobile driver's licenses to residents of California. Earlier this fall, the State of California expanded the initial pilot program to allow California residents to download a mobile driver’s license (mDL) on their smartphone through the California DMV Wallet mobile app (compatible with iOS and Android devices).

The mobile driver’s license is powered by SpruceID’s SpruceKit components and Credible product. SpruceKit is an open-source toolkit for decentralized identity that enables secure wallet construction, and Credible provides entire credential life cycle management–from issuance and presentations to updates and revocation. Both are modular solutions that are made to integrate into existing high-assurance environments with security and privacy at the core.

The privacy-first mobile driver's license can be used at participating TSA airport security checkpoints and select retail locations. In the future, the mobile driver’s license can help residents prove their identity online, operate motor vehicles, access health care, secure financial assistance, and verify their age–both in-person and online–while selectively disclosing only the necessary information. Learn more.

NOTE: GovTech to Host Live Webinar this Wednesday, 12/13 on “Getting Started with Digital Identity” Featuring Ajay Gupta, the Chief Digital Transformation Officer for the State of California DMV,  and Wayne Chang, SpruceID CEO. The event will discuss the CA mDL and is to be moderated by Russ Nichols, Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

About SpruceID: SpruceID is building a future where users control their identity and data across all digital interactions.